About Us

At NVA PC Tech, we come to work everyday to assist every person that comes across us to the best of our abilities. Be it to direct you to a competing retailer or repair service partner. We at NVA PC Tech try to create the most customer centric sales and services in the industry. We believe in the saying “The CUSTOMER is always RIGHT”, this is why we provide after hour support to our clients at a fraction of the price other retailers ask for from 8:00 – 17:00. We believe in creating relationships with our clients rather than being focused on only doing sales. If you used us once you will definitely visit us again!

Our history

Established in 2017, we have come a long way in assisting our clients and proving that after hour support is an option for the average consumer. We have come from the midst of a small town community to a more larger scale area in Durbanville. Even though we don’t have a physical storefront occupied as of yet, we do however have a depot from where we deliver our products. We are continuously growing and becoming ever more popular among our local customers, however we will soon be sourcing ourselves out to further locations.

Let us assist you or your business today!